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Object Protection and Guard Duty
Object Protection? No problem for us! We ensure that your property is protected and secured to your full satisfaction. Object protection aims to prevent the impairment of the function, the destruction or the possession of an object by any form of disturbance by criminals or enemies. Particular attention is paid to the functionality of the object. Our employees consider themselves to be a service provider at your side, who primarily takes care of your or the security of the object, but still does not ignore the service idea.
Event Protection and Ordinary Service
As part of the event, we will be pleased to advise you and assist you from the start to the end of the event. On request, we will create a security concept tailored to your event and contact all authorities and offices to implement the safety-relevant aspects. At the same time, our professional team is at your disposal as the first point of contact for security questions.
Stadium Safety
Is there a football match in your stadium? Whether you want the first, second, third, or other league, you want to guarantee the safety of your players and spectators? Then we are the right service provider for stadium safety. We guarantee that before, during and after the match there is sufficient security in and at the stadium. We ensure that everything runs smoothly and without any problems.
Personal and Escort Protection
In recent years, the violence against people of public life as well as of private life has been greatly increased for economic or political reasons. Individuals from the showbusiness, from the politics and business sectors, increasingly fall victim to criminal offenses. For this reason, we have specialized in protecting people from this environment, as well as from the private environment, against criminal offenses such as robbery, kidnapping or, for example, ransom pressure. The measures to be taken for personal or escort protection depend on many different factors. Personal protection measures are coordinated, if necessary, by us in close cooperation and coordination with the police.
Department Store Detective
In the case of department stores it is unfortunately more and more frequent thefts, which unfortunately only get out afterwards and the thieves get free of it. In order to reduce the number of thefts in the department stores to the minimum, we offer you to secure your store optimally and to give thieves no chance to get something out of their way. Any form of theft shall be reported immediately and demanded by the police in case of serious theft.
Monitoring and safeguarding of business premises as well as conference protection
There is an important meeting with important people from business, politics or other and you need absolute protection of your business premises and conferences? We ensure the monitoring and safeguarding of business premises and conferences. Depending on what you want as a client, we can offer you, among other things, admission controls, etc., but this can be adapted personally to your needs.
Area Drives
The area drives are a mobile form of the object protection, which is used for burglary and vandalism prevention. In recent years it has been shown that the field trips have a high deterrent effect on burglars.
Gate and Reception Service
Gate and reception services consist of the monitoring and control of passenger, goods and vehicle traffic. A decisive element for our qualified personnel is the service in the customer, guest and visitor area. These include various tasks, such as the guests' approval or checkout checks, etc. The guests should be given a secured appearance of the company.
Parking Guard
Parking supervision guarantees you as an operator the security of your property and an effective and economical use of the parking space, the company and customer parking spaces. We are also pleased to adjust the density of the traffic flow and ensure an orderly flow.
Center Patrol
In the center patrol, business premises or others are protected from the outside by crime. We are always on the spot and we strive to protect your property as optimally as possible. In addition, the patrol can also be extended to one area.
Nowadays one can find at every discotheque or various events, doorman or even gatekeeper. Our guarding staff ensures that only selected guests are generally admitted in catering establishments or venues. Every guest we apparently subjected to an access control.
City Patrol
In order to guarantee the protection of your business premises, we can protect all business premises from inside and outside. So we are always on the spot and make sure that thieves or criminals are not offered any opportunities.
Stripe Services for Objects
Our mission is to protect objects against damage, threats, destruction and vandalism by means of preventive measures. To identify events which are not part of the daily routine and to take appropriate measures. The controls are carried out in an efficient and flexible manner according to an operational system and within the framework of a cooperation procedure. In the case of a case, it is possible to concentrate several strips at a single point within a very short time and thus provide effective assistance.
Money and Value Transports
You want more security in your day bank? Here we can guarantee you a safe transport of your day bank and take full responsibility! Many medium-sized, small or large companies, send your employees to the bank to raise or collect larger amounts. This is regrettably always more risky, since criminals are precisely targeted at this and your employees, are very quickly exposed to helpless danger. For this reason, we see ourselves as a service provider in the obligation to carry out this transport as securely as possible and confidentially. The safety of your employees is important to us and to you! We would be glad to advise you about this and agree the contract to your needs!
Harbor Security
The goal of harbor security is the protection of harbor facilities as well as of persons and goods. A number of binding measures to improve port security against terrorist acts are to be prevented.
Trade Fair Protection
At trade fairs and other events, we stand by your side and ensure an optimal and, above all, smooth flow of the inlets. We take care of people and visitors, safeguard the areas against unauthorized persons and ensure the best possible safety of all participants. If desired, we accompany your VIPs through the event.
Airport Security
In recent years, security controls have steadily increased due to various terrorist attacks. We guarantee that all measures will be taken to prevent such crimes and others and to make the airport as safe as possible for the population. As a large number of people are located in a relatively small area, airports are a potential target for terrorism. Most large airports have their own security forces, which are supported by police officers. In some countries, paramilitary forces or soldiers are protecting the airports from threats.
Check-in at the Discotheques
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Residential District Guarding
Do not give thieves in your neighborhood any chance and ensure absolute security in your home. Due to the steadily increasing crime and the targeted theft in quarters, the inhabitants are afraid. You can give your tenants security in the form of the residential district guard. Streaks are driven and people are obviously controlled to guarantee absolute safety.
Construction Guard
There is also an increasing number of criminal offenses on building sites. You want us to protect your building plot? We are anxious to do everything possible to protect the building against criminal offenses such as burglary, damage to property or vandalism.
Bus and Train Security
Als Dienstleister sorgen die Mitarbeiter von Imperial German Security nicht nur für die Kontrolle von Fahrscheinen, sondern auch für Sicherheit in Bussen und Zügen an allen Haltestellen sowie in und am Bahnhof.
Protection of Refugees
The accommodation of a hundred thousand people of many nationalities and religions not only presents the state with a huge logistical task. It is also a challenge to safety. Prerequisite for the use at refugee accommodation is personal integrity, as well as high social and language competence.
Hospital Security
We ensure trouble-free operations in hospitals and try to ensure as optimally as possible that there will be no disturbances in car traffic at the access roads to the clinic. Often there is a busy operation at the reception of hospitals, taxis are driving to deliver physically handicapped persons and to pick them up or to bring relatives from patients past. Of course, as a security service, we must ensure that the access routes for rescue vehicles as well as for suppliers are always free. We try to convey the sense of security of your patients, their relatives and their employees, the more important it is to exclude possible conflict personnel. Especially people who have been injured in brawls or drunken people increases the conflict personnel, we would like to prevent this.
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